Help Us Spread the Cheer!

Many of you don’t know that we (Rina, our mother, my daughter Alique and I), have started a small but meaningful charitable organization: Melo’s Kitchen. It all began last December, when Alique decided to participate in her school’s holiday boutique by selling hummus and other homemade Middle Eastern foods, with all the proceeds going to a charity. As Armenians, we were disturbed by the horrific plight of Syrians, especially Christians in Aleppo. Since my own mother (the eponymous Melo) was born and raised in Aleppo, for my family and me to watch the beautiful, historic city, including its ancient churches, destroyed and its inhabitants either killed or else surviving only in insufferable conditions, made our decision clear. We agreed to send every penny we made to an organization that assists Syrian Armenians flee Aleppo and resettle in Armenia. When we sold every item we had brought to the holiday boutique and raised close to $700, a mission was born. Alique set up the website and social media, designed the labels, and found local establishments who would sell the hummus. Rina helped organize and spread the word. My mom bought all the ingredients from her favorite supermarket and Armenian stores in Watertown. And I made the hummus.

One year later, by making hummus every Friday, and selling it at a gourmet food and liquor store and at a farm stand in Winchester this past summer, we have been able to raise close to $3000 to donate to the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization, based in Yerevan, Armenian (, which is dedicated to helping Armenians flee Aleppo and resettle in Armenia. We donate all our costs and all proceeds. Our donations help to buy the one-way ticket for a family to leave and to help with daily living costs until these families are able to care for themselves.


So, what does this have to do with diamonds? LOVE of course! We feel there’s no better way to show love than to present a piece of jewelry for the holidays or any celebration. This personal and emotional gift is a symbol of one’s devotion and feelings for a special person. How can we not send some love to those in need? We are so moved when we see pictures of families we helped resettle. Knowing that we can help a few more families live in peace through the holidays is very gratifying. So, for every jewelry purchase from ADCO of up to $3000, we will donate a 5% of our profit to ACCO to help a family with hope and love. With your help, transform the “D” for Diamond from ADCO into the “C” for Charitable of ACCO.

BUY BLING AND HELP US SPREAD THE CHEER!! We wish you all a peaceful and memorable holiday season full of diamonds, jewels, and love.

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