Graduation Stars!

I was expecting my first child, Alique. I am often asked how old she is now.  Alique is about to graduate from high school and will be attending her college of choice this fall.

Naturally, many are shocked at how quickly time has passed. I, too, am astonished that 18 years have flown by, but am also relieved that she is DONE and will begin the next phase of her life. It was not an easy task. She went through a rigorous IB program and managed to receive high grades, in addition to the stressful preparation for college admission.  Alique also dedicated many hours to help Syrian Armenian refugees from Aleppo to resettle in Armenia (not to mention 15 years of Armenian Saturday school!). My husband and I couldn’t be any prouder of her accomplishments.

And I, the jewelry lover, know of only one way to celebrate this milestone. Of course, it’s with a long-lasting piece of jewelry that symbolizes her success. An 18k yellow gold star necklace encrusted with diamonds and an engraveable back for a special message for my graduate.

She is my star!
–Aline Arslanian


How will you celebrate this milestone for your star? Here are some ideas!

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