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Name : Aline.

College : Boston University.

Why did you join the family business : My father needed help after I graduated from college. He didn’t expect me to like the business and stay. I went to GIA in California to receive my certification in gemology and loved it. The combination of science, design, and business was perfect for me.

What’s your favorite gem : Too many to list but diamond and a perfect red ruby.

What’s your favorite shape for a diamond : Round up to 5 carat, and any shape beyond 5 carat.

Color or clarity : A little of both but I do like size.

What piece of jewelry do you wear the most : Whatever is the newest, but I don’t leave home without a necklace on.

What’s your birthstone : Diamond.

What’s your biggest extravagance : Still waiting…

What can you not live without : Manicures.

Where can we find you on your free time : Gym, outdoors.

Where do you like to vacation : Wherever my family is.

Pets : 2 cats, Cosette and Colette.

What’s your biggest accomplishment : Having two great daughters.

What’s your favorite beauty product : Chanel lipstick cherry red.

What do you always keep in your bag : Starburst strawberry gum.

Favorite movie : Too many to list but I have watched Amadeus and Ghost World a thousand times.